Zerofy Hits the App Stores: with Tesla, Heat Pump Integration, and a Sleeker UI!"

Till Follow 17 Nov 2023
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After a couple of months of closed-beta testing Zerofy is now available to download for everyone in the Apple App Store and soon son Google Play.

This release bundles a number of exciting updates from previous Beta releases.

Support for Tesla EVs: automatically charge on cheap solar energy

So far we already supported smart-charging your EV with “Run on Solar” by connecting your charger.

Now we also offer the possibility to connect your EV directly to control charging. This is useful when your charger is not Internet connected, and brings additional benefits such as knowing the state of charge.

The first car brand we support is Tesla. Simply log-in with your Tesla account and enable “Run-on-Solar” and you’re all set.

Nibe heat pump support: preheat on cheap solar energy

In Europe winter is coming closer and with that the heating season starts. The modern electrified home heats, of course, with a heat-pump. Now we support controlling Nibe heat pumps right from Zerofy - as you’d expect all you need to do to activate the integration, is to log-in with your Nibe account in Zerofy.

Currently the functionality is set to boost hot water production in times of excess solar. We’re planning to expand the functionality in the near future.

UI overhaul: intuitive energy charts and more!

Revamped Grid Electricity Charts: Spot price and CO2 intensity charts are now more user-friendly, featuring gradient color-coding from red to green based on 30-day trends.

New Price charts

Enhanced Energy Overviews: Our energy charts for overall view, production, and consumption have also undergone a stylish makeover, boosting both aesthetics and readability.

New Energy charts

User support and documentation

While we aim for an intuitive Zerofy experience, we’ve launched a comprehensive documentation site accessible from the app. Plus, our in-app chat is always available for any assistance you might need.

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Join us in this smart energy revolution with Zerofy – your autopilot for energy management. Get the app now on the App Store. Google Play should be out shortly, too.