Next-gen home energy management

A home energy management system that runs in the cloud. Download and setup in minutes. Rich in functionality and powered by sophisticated algorithms, while easy to use.

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Optimize solar own-consumption

Zerofy's Autopilot helps you utilize your solar yield in the best way, reducing costs and increasing self-sufficiency.

Start by adding your inverter or meter and consuming devices with their cloud accounts.

Zerofy automatically turns on devices (EV, EV charger, heat pump, etc.) in times of excess solar production.

Lean back, save costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Run on Solar

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Leverage dynamic electricity tariffs

Zerofy's Autopilot helps you save electricity costs by utilizing dynamic electricity tariffs effectively.

Run devices at cheapest hours for hourly dynamic tariffs (EPEX SPOT, Nordpool, etc.)

Connect devices, activate “Run on Price” and off you go. Zerofy automatically runs our devices at the cheapest hours.

Flexible runtime options, e.g. automatic charging of EV to desired state of charge, run a device a fixed number of hours, etc.

Run on Price can be combined with Run on Solar.

Run on Price

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Open and Flexible

A single app that works across many vendors

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No additional energy manager hardware needed

Saves you hundreds of Euros of hardware and installation costs.

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Get started right away

Simply download the app and connect devices. Easily grows with your system.

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No vendor lockin

Supports dozens of vendors with hundreds of devices, such as solar, EVs / chargers, and appliances.

Smart EV charging

Zerofy charges your EV both on excess solar and/or at cheapest electricity prices.

Control charging via charger or EV. Supports 20 EV brands and 5+ cloud-connected charger brands.

Always have vehicle information such as current status and state of charge at your fingertips.

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Smart heating and cooling control

Connect smart heating and cooling devices to Zerofy.

Control heating and cooling from Zerofy and always have the current status along with your other energy devices in Zerofy.

Pre-heat using excess solar with Run on Solar or schedule your heating/cooling for cheapest hours with Run on Price.

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Smartly steer everything with WiFi plugs, relays, and smart appliances

Connect Miele appliances or virtually any device with smart plugs from Shelly or MyStrom

Measure device's energy consumption and steer them from the app

Automatically control devices using the Zerofy Autopilot. For example E-Bikes connected to a smart plug, boilers connected with a smart plug, connected Miele dishwashers, or heat pumps connected to Shelly relais devices.

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Energy consumption analysis and device control in a single place

Zerofy is the only energy app that allows smart control and consumption analysis across many devices categories in a single app

Analyze energy consumption vs production, compare to similar households or explore how you consumption aligns with energy costs or grid emissions

Get energy consumption breakdowns down to the device level or in some cases even down to the appliance program level - all in a single app and across vendors

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