Zerofy announces beta release and raises 1.2M pre-seed to simplify a zero-carbon lifestyle for households

Till Follow 08 Jun 2022

We founded Zerofy with the mission to simplify a zero-carbon lifestyle for households. It was born out of the observation that consumers are often confused about where in their household the big emissions contributors are and suffer from complexity and friction when trying to implement solutions.

As drivers of economic demand, households can play a major role in reducing carbon emissions with 70% of global carbon emissions indirectly attributable to them (directly approximately 20%). Consumers, however, are often confused about where household emissions come from, understanding what they are, and how to do something about them.

While consumers may sometimes feel powerless, they can have a major impact right now by reducing emissions through electrification of personal transport, electrification of heating and cooking but also participating in decentralized (solar) electricity production and storage.

Additional steps, such as favoring low-carbon alternatives for food and consumables can have further impact. Smaller groups of early movers can support new low-carbon technologies as their first customers, and as larger communities, consumers can truly steer demand towards a lower-carbon economy.

What’s standing in the way of running a lower carbon household is often simply a lack of timely insight about CO2 impact and too much complexity when switching to lower carbon alternatives for energy, products, and services.

Our app solves this problem: it continuously measures household carbon emissions automated and in real-time. Based on these insights, Zerofy then helps households to reduce emissions through personalized actions and by providing recommendations for lower-carbon products and services. Zerofy’s platform achieves this high degree of automation by aggregating and analyzing data streams from various digital sources for transportation habits, energy use, household spending, etc., enabling a daily, privacy-centric, and holistic overview of household emissions.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the Zerofy app in the iOS App Store as a limited-beta in select countries. You can download the latest version of the app , or vote for your country to be supported next , if you’re outside our initial release geographies (which are DE, AT, CH, SE, EE).

We’re also announcing the closing of our 1.2M pre-seed funding round, led by Union Labs Ventures and supported by a fine group of angel investors.

Zerofy was founded by Till Quack and Criss Uudam. Till has been building technology products in startups (kooaba, Mapillary) and big-tech like Apple, Meta, and Qualcomm. Criss brings equally deep expertise in the renewable energy space, covering anything from EV charging, wind energy, energy efficiency and solar for companies such as ABB, Energiateenus or BaltCap.

Zerofy is a remote-first company, with presence in the US, Estonia, and Switzerland. We are now expanding our team, and you can browse our open positions here.

We are driven by our mission to simplify a zero-carbon lifestyle. We are convinced that the solutions exist today, and they are exciting!