Zerofy 0.3.3 with improved Autopilot UX and additional design refreshes

Till Follow 08 Jan 2024
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Our first release of 2024 is focused on usability and UI improvements.

First, we updated parts of the apps home screen (the “Now” tab):

  • There is now a shortlist of currently active devices and a new section of devices with enabled autopilot automations. This way you have the most important device information at a glance.
  • New users will be guided to set up the Autopilot for “Run on Solar” and “Run on Price” from here.

new Now screen

Second, we updated the design of the devices list. Current power consumption values and on/off status are now shown separately from the buttons that turn devices on and off. We also made the list easier to parse by using device type icons.

Third, we completely restructured and updated the Profile tab. Profile and settings elements are reorganized in a (hopefully) much more logical way.

Device Status and Profile

Finally, new users will enjoy a redesigned onboarding flow, which is much more compact.

In terms of device control, this update bring various improvements:

  • You can now control Smart Plugs (Shelly/Mystrom) with Run on Solar / Run on Price
  • This release fixes a bug where current production power would not be shown for some Huawei devices
  • We now show current power for smart-me meters

And that wraps up the first release of this year. If you enjoy Zerofy, please take a minute to rate Zerofy in the App Stores (iOS App Store or Google Play). And that’s just the start. We promise there’s a lot more great stuff coming in 2024!

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