Frequently asked questions about Zerofy


We're prioritizing countries by various factors (data availability etc.), but in particular also by demand. You can help prioritizing your country by joining our waitlist and voting for your country here.

Yes! In the near term we’re focussed on refining the product on iOS, but you can already add yourself to a waitlist for the Android app here.

In the app open the detail view for any emission to display an explanation how the emissions were calculated, including data sources. We also list our sources in the Settings of the app, or here

We’d love to hear your ideas! Please email to hello@zerofy.net

Emissions Tracking

Please make sure that:

1. Location and motion access are set to “Always allow”. (On your iPhone go to iOS Settings -> Zerofy -> Location access)

2. You don’t manually stop Zerofy by “swiping up”. Please leave Zerofy running in the background and don’t close it. Battery usage should be just a few percent.

There are two ways:

In the emissions list, long-press on the emission item you want to update and the choose “Update activity/transport type”.

Or open the emission item detail view, press on the “...” menu to get to an edit view where you can modify everything including the transportation type.

Account & settings

Please contact user under support@zerofy.net from the email that you use to log in to the app.